The conference will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city – opposite the Presidential Residence, within the pedestrian zone and only a few minutes walking distance from the famous Bratislava Castle.

Crowne Plaza Bratislava
Hodžovo nám. 2
816 25 Bratislava

Phone: +421 2 5934 8111

The opening cocktail will be held at UMELKA Gallery, whithin walking distance from the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Dostojevského rad 2
811 09 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The seventh edition of the Biennale of Free Visual Arts 2018 was premiered in the exhibition area of the Trenčín Castle and will now be presented at the UMELKA (Slovak Art Union) Gallery in Bratislava. The exhibition is selective, the jury composed of Dagmar Kudoláni Srnenska, Roman Popelár, Barbara Brathová and Ela Porubänová chose from among the 100 registered authors 38 pieces. The seventh edition of the Biennale 2018, as in previous years, does not focus on just one discipline, but provides space for free art in the field of painting, sculpture, graphics, drawings, and a new contribution is a documentary film. The Biennale meets artists from several generational layers, different artistic positions and interpretations of individual themes. It has become a tradition that artists who have diametrically different artistic, aesthetic, philosophical or social opinions are enrolled in.

Hodžovo námestie 568/2, Bratislava, Slovensko